Lifestyle Guidance

Drawing from both therapeutic and coaching approaches, Melissa offers short and long-term support for individuals who are seeking therapy but may also need assistance in building a sustainable lifestyle. This includes structuring work, movement, self-care, mindfulness and other lifestyle aspects that impact health. Working toward therapeutic goals, building motivation for change and implementing healthy lifestyle choices are essential foundations for mental health, avoiding burnout and processing trauma.

Melissa supports people with mental health challenges – including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders personality disorders and addiction problems – to find meaning in life transitions. Often, our life challenges seem to block us from activating our full selves in the world and prevent us from taking responsibility for ourselves. The systems we are part of – school, family and society – also play a role in this difficulty. Melissa helps people to recognise their personal power, their and others’ role in their current system and how to take important steps toward change and self-empowerment. Melissa draws on psychotherapeutic techniques, practical coaching techniques, arts therapy, somatic (body-based) counselling, lifestyle guidance (nutrition, exercise, self-care and routine), emotion regulation techniques and yoga therapy, as necessary.

Melissa has a special interest in bipolar disorder and supporting people in discovering the personal rhythm necessary to structure their lives in a healthy and abundant way.

Melissa McWalter – HPCSA registered arts therapist, yoga therapist and trauma-informed somatic counsellor

Melissa McWalter (BMus, UCT; MMus, UP) is a versatile, holistic and integrative therapist who draws from a unique variety of techniques and methods, such as music therapy, creative processing and yoga in order to promote health and help facilitate the discovery of meaning in life’s transitions.

Melissa offers creative arts therapy and process work as well as body-based yoga therapy for individuals with anxiety, depression, addiction and other mental health concerns. She also offers individual and group therapy for personal development and exploration of psychedelic experiences.