The Yoga Therapy Studio

Melissa McWalter – HPCSA registered arts therapist and trauma-informed yoga practitioner.

Melissa established The Yoga Therapy Studio in Cape Town to offer a body-based, creative, trauma-informed approach to therapy. The Yoga Therapy Studio offers holistic forms of therapy that are body-mind oriented and clinically-informed. Drawing from yoga, movement, arts and music therapy, breathwork, lifestyle modification and mindfulness, The Yoga Therapy Studio is a truly integrative healing center.

Individual trauma-informed yoga therapy session at The Yoga Therapy Studio, Cape Town

Yoga therapy is a modality of healing that makes use of body-based, primarily non-verbal techniques including yoga, breathing and mindfulness. At The Yoga Therapy Studio, classes are approached therapeutically and facilitated by a clinically trained therapist who is also an accredited yoga instructor.

Melissa is an HPCSA registered arts therapist and a yoga alliance accredited yoga instructor with additional training and experience in trauma work, addiction and mental health. While Melissa practises in Cape Town, she is currently in advanced training through online intensives at the Yoga Therapy Institute in Amsterdam toward an 850 hour internationally recognised accreditation and diploma in yoga therapy.

About the classes:

The Yoga Therapy Studio in Cape Town.

Classes are intentionally kept small and are separated into different categories. Classes can be a stand-alone therapy but may also complement psychotherapy, depending on the individual. Melissa offers individual therapy to complement the body-based work where necessary. Melissa also partners with selected psychotherapists who wish to introduce their clients to a body-based form of therapy.

Which class is for me?

The Yoga Therapy Studio does not offer regular yoga classes with a singular goal of strength or flexibility. These are wonderful by-products of yoga therapy (and some classes are designed to incorporate more physical resource building as part of the therapeutic yoga approach), but physical strength and flexibility are usually not the focus. Before enquiring about classes, check the list below to see if the Yoga Therapy Studio might be a good fit for you. If not, there are fortunately many other studios offering classes without any clinically-informed or therapeutic approach. See the videos below by Dr Bessel van der Kolk on the value of yoga as therapy for trauma.

Dr Bessel van der Kolk: Overcome Trauma with Yoga
Dr Bessel van der Kolk on Interoception and Yoga

The word ‘yoga’ is used below to encompass a broader therapeutic and clinically-informed body-based practice that includes breath work and mindfulness. Are you looking for:

  • Yoga for depression, anxiety or other mental health problems?
  • Trauma-sensitive individual or small group yoga?
  • A safe space that can help you explore your mind-body connection?
  • A way to intentionally engage your body comfortably and at your own pace?
  • A practice to help ground you?
  • Techniques to help reduce dissociation and allow more present moment awareness?
  • Techniques to reduce anxiety?
  • A practice to assist you with feeling and tolerating your feelings?
  • Yoga that helps you regulate your system, tolerate distress and reduce anxiety?
  • Yoga for addiction problems and recovery?
  • Yoga for neurological disorders?
  • A practice that encourages choice and listening to your body?
  • Individual therapy that is body-based?
  • A practice that helps you safely create and experience rhythms with your body and with others?
  • An effective way to map out your feelings in your body and actively work with them?
  • A way to befriend your body?
  • Yoga therapy for burnout?
  • A therapeutic body-based practice that allows you to explore trauma or difficult feelings in your body?
  • Breath work that is trauma sensitive
  • Breath work that assists in regulation and anxiety reduction
  • Yoga for any body type or age?

If this form of yoga appeals to you, please contact by clicking here.


Individual sessions – R790.

Group – cost depends on the group, please enquire. 1 – 3 individual sessions are required before joining a group for assessment and preparation purposes. Because classes are kept small, there is often a wait-list for group classes.