Integrative Therapy

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Melissa McWalter – Alternative Integrative Therapist

“In a time of my life where I had no idea how to start dealing with my trauma, Melissa offered me a safe haven by teaching me about myself and showing me where my power lies. We worked very closely together in thorough preparation for my psychedelic journey as well as the integration of the impact it had on me afterwards. Years later Melissa is still the person I call on for guidance on how to manage the inner storms that arise, and her hunger for knowledge ensures that the most suitable methods are used for my ptsd.”  

~ Sarah, working bravely with PTSD, depression and anxiety through various therapeutic methods including her psilocybin experience and psychedelic integration.

Melissa offers a body-based, creative, trauma-informed approach to therapy in Cape Town. Melissa’s approach draws from holistic forms of therapy that are body-mind oriented, primarily non-verbal and clinically-informed. Drawing from yoga, movement, arts and music therapy, breathwork, nature, psychedelic preparation and integration, lifestyle modification and mindfulness, Melissa is a truly integrative healing practitioner.

Most individual integrative sessions use combinations of alternative therapies. Yoga therapy is a modality of healing that makes use of body-based, primarily non-verbal techniques including yoga, breathing and mindfulness. Arts and music therapy use non-verbal, creative and sometimes psychotherapeutic techniques to access previously inaccessible parts of self and to provide ways of relating and communicating without words. Breath-work, psychedelic-assisted therapy and guided imagery maybe used for working in altered states of consciousness.

Melissa is an HPCSA registered arts therapist and a yoga alliance accredited yoga instructor with additional training and experience in trauma work, addiction and mental health. While Melissa practises in Cape Town, she is currently in advanced training through online intensives at the Yoga Therapy Institute in Amsterdam toward an 850 hour internationally recognised accreditation and diploma in yoga therapy.

Arts therapy process – Mandala

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