Integrative Therapy

Melissa McWalter,
HPCSA registered arts therapist
Chairperson of SAMTA
BMus, MMus (Music Therapy)

Melissa McWalter Ellse (BMus, UCT; MMus, UP) is a versatile, holistic and integrative therapist who draws from a unique variety of techniques and methods, such as music therapy, creative processing and yoga in order to promote health and help facilitate the discovery of meaning in life’s transitions.

Melissa works from a beautiful and tranquil studio in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Melissa also offers guidance and practical support for individuals diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, assisting in managing and understanding symptoms, developing and maintaining coping strategies and navigating a path toward a full life.

Melissa offers:

ARTS THERAPY – REGISTERED MUSIC THERAPIST: (Cape Town) – Adults, teens and children.

WORKING WITH SYMBOLS: (Mandala analysis, Jungian informed, complements Dream Work and Guided Imagery, use of symbolism and personal mythology, archetypes.)

GUIDED IMAGERY, SOUND AND MUSIC: (currently in advanced training in the Bonny Method: click here for more information. Use of selected music programs and guidance for psychotherapeutic and transpersonal work.)

FINDING YOUR VOICE: (voice work, expression, building confidence, resonance)

CREATIVE RITUALS: to mark significant points in an individual’s life, a company’s life or a couple’s journey together.

VERBAL PROCESSING: Sessions with adults and teens usually include talking, verbal processing, counselling or coaching.

BIPOLAR SUPPORT: teens and adults (click here for more information)

KETAMINE GUIDANCE: (in hospital/doctor’s rooms, click here for more information). To learn about other psychedelic guidance, please contact me.

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Melissa completed a Bachelor of Music (University of Cape Town) followed by a Masters in Music Therapy (cum laude, University of Pretoria). She is a registered arts therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA reg no AT 0001350) as well as the South African Music Therapists’ Association (SAMTA) and the South African National Association for Arts Therapists (SANATA). Melissa is the chairperson of the South African Music Therapists’ Association, click here to visit the website.

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