Music Therapy

Music is a powerful tool for connecting us to one another, to our emotions and to a sense of meaning.

Melissa is a registered Music Therapist in Cape Town, South Africa. Music therapy is the clinical use of music interventions and music experiences to achieve therapeutic goals, promote health and realise potentials. Music therapy is focused on the process of music experiences (as opposed to outcomes of musical processes, such as learning an instrument to play well) and the relationships developed through such processes. In essence, this means that music is a often ignored or misunderstood doorway leading to uncultivated aspects of ourselves, and this door can be explored and even opened through the music therapy relationship. Musical training is not required; this is because all human beings respond to the fundamental elements of music. Music therapy can provide opportunities for communication when words are insufficient and it can assist in exploring emotions. Like other therapists, music therapists encourage, provide support for and offer guidance to their clients.

Music therapy has many applications and is used for a wide range of clients (including but not limited to trauma, autism, mental health concerns, dementia or stroke). Typically in my practice, I see adults and adolescents who are undergoing some kind of transition in their life, people who experience mental health or difficult life concerns (for example depression, anxiety, trauma or bipolar disorder) or those who are looking for an avenue for creative self-development and self-exploration.

Music therapists are allied health care professionals registered with the HPCSA. Music therapists in South Africa hold a Masters degree in Music Therapy and have completed at minimum 1000 hours of supervised clinical internships at various placement sites. Music therapy techniques are highly adaptable and are suitable for use with a wide variety of clients including adults, teenagers, the elderly, children and even antenatal or end-of-life care.

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