Trauma-informed Yoga

Yoga as Therapy

A functional movement practice and integrative therapy for mental or physical dis-ease.

Trauma-informed yoga is about reclaiming your body. Making your body accessible and tolerable, even when it feels like it’s working against you, like it’s the enemy.

Sometimes you lose so much connection with your body that you don’t even recognise what you feel. You’re not aware of your body. Sometimes it’s messages are overwhelming. You can’t escape what you feel.

Trauma-informed yoga is about gently coming back to your body, learning to listen to your body and be present. Learning to feel again. Learning to be with feeling without disconnecting, escaping or being overwhelmed. Learning that your body knows what it needs and has the capacity and ability to take effective action, to be in control. Learning your own rhythms. Syncing to yourself. Reclaiming your body.

Melissa is a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor. She teaches yoga in private and semi-private classes. Melissa’s special focus is on therapeutic or medical yoga as well as using functional movement practices to promote wellbeing. Yoga can be adopted at any point in the lifespan. Melissa uses yoga as a complementary therapy in an integrative therapeutic approach with individuals of all shapes and sizes and a variety of health concerns. Perfect for beginners as well as those with experience. This is an adaptable and personalised approach based on each person’s needs. Melissa teaches in Cape Town, South Africa.

Your mind. Your music. Your movement. Yoga for mental wellness.